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Reiki is an ancient energy healing method that feels like a concentrated dose of mindful meditation that heals body, mind and spirit at the energetic-cellular level. 

It is pure healing energy. It goes where it's needed most. 

It can be done in person or virtually over distance.

Reiki is a fully accessible practice for all abilities and bodies. 


1 hr session (90 min total) -- $111

3 sessions -- $303


"Ariana Lovely, Thank you from the depths of my soul for sharing your healing energy with me. We really are all pure love. What a beautiful gift to be able to share that energy with people who need healing. And don't we all!" --Leslie

"Ariana, oh my goodness 5 stars 10/10 AH! I have felt stuck in a limbo for weeks and have been struggling to pull myself out of it. 5 minutes with you and I feel so much more present than I have in a while! Truly, thank you so much."  --Hal

"Freedom, expansion, truth. Thank you for sharing your light!"  --Kirbee

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