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I'm the daughter of a self-taught guitarist/engineer/producer obsessed with The Beatles, and a classically trained Soprano obsessed with folk and jazz singers like Ella Fitzgerald. To say I'm a hodge-podge of sound is an understatement. (So American right now.)


I started piano lessons when I was 6, got to try the cello, flute, alto sax, and bass guitar (from a badass lady who showed me the fundamentals of songwriting), and finally picked up acoustic guitar at 15...or 16. I don't know, what are years? 

I'm still working on new songs, have some that NEED to be recorded for real for real, so stay tuned. 


My other love, and why I thought a BA in Musical Theater was a grand idea. Combine the two things I love, right? Welllllllll I mean, not NO but, lets just say there's a reason I'm not in NYC right meow. 

I have some musicals in mind to write, though. And I love some work being made out there these days for sure, not knocking it all by any means. 

But call me a weirdo and you wouldn't be wrong. I'm interested in things new and different, or in the old done in new and different ways. (Not that anything is really that new. "Different"and "avant garde" still means drawing on techniques pioneered in the last century, nbd!)


"CARTE BLANCHE" with Found Movement Group - site specific dance piece performed at The Forge Co-Work Arts Space in Nashville. A choose-your-own adventure type spectator experience where you could come see it every time and get a different performance depending on who you follow, and which ending gets chosen. 

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