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Low-key. Fun. 

Is that too much to ask? 

Maybe you need personal or professional images and we arrange a shoot and finished photo package to suit your needs. I've done headshots, editorial/lifestyle, event, food, nature and travel photography. I specialize in low-key natural light photo shoots that bring out your inner light.

My photos are available for digital or printed use. Contact me here or on Etsy at TheWhichHouseCoop store where a portion of the proceeds benefit The Which House, my nonprofit artist cooperative, for which you'll receive a tax-deductible donation and support Nashville artists in the creation of new work. 

I am also available as a creative collaborator; my unique eye, production experience, and positive attitude are a boon to any set. And if you're ADHD maybe you just need a body double to help you make your dream a reality. I'm here to help. 

Contact me about your needs, and let's have some fun! 

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