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What is it?

Reiki is an ancient healing modality that works in the universal energetic realm. Short stack: it’s energy work that will help clear energetic blockages in your body and mind.

Reiki plugs you into Source. It reminds you that you are loved and supported by the Universe, that you are a being of light, intimately connected on the cellular level to every other existing cell in the universe.

Reiki can help alleviate symptoms of physical and mental illness, but is a complementary healing practice, not intended to replace prescribed medication or professional medical advice.

Clients describe feeling one or several of the following during and after a session:





Love for self and others

Light + Colors


Out of body heaviness, as though lying under a weighted blanket


what happens?

A typical session lasts about an hour, with some intake time before, and some decompression time afterward. All in all 90-120 min total.

In Reiki sessions you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in as it is clothed, mostly hands off work. Any touch is light, and we will clarify comfort levels before starting. You may not feel like much is happening during a session, but trust me: it is. Tears are completely natural and happen quite often as that is ground zero for our bodies to process and release emotional energy. For an in-person session you will be lying on my massage table so I can walk 360˚ around you. Distance Reiki is also available. We will set a time to connect to make sure you are settled and in a relaxed and comfortable place to receive the Reiki, do the session, and then chat afterward to touch base and process anything that came up for you.

Price: $75 per session

Please inquire for scale discounts and alternate forms of exchange. Don’t let a dollar amount keep you from getting the healing you desire.