some details that might enlighten you as to the nature of my character:

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Born in New Hampshire to musical and hyper-creative, new-age-y parents, every creative endeavor of mine has been encouraged since birth with unconditional love. I could not love them more if I tried. I'd explode. They sent me to my first school on a dirt road in Canterbury, NH in a one-room barn built by its husband-and-wife teaching team.  They taught us math by gardening and selling our produce, including the fresh eggs we picked up from our chickens every morning. We were read poetry every day. We published books. We played kickball where I broke my nose by diving headfirst into first base by accident. I learned what bravery meant, what friendship looked like, and how to be myself unabashedly and wholeheartedly. That school taught me everything I need to know in life. I wish I could be nine forever, but since I can't, I'll just try to emulate who I was then: brave, unashamed, and head-strong. 

Growing up I studied voice, piano, and tried my hand at flute, cello, alto saxophone, bass guitar (big ups to Jackie Bellows who used our lessons to start teaching me about songwriting/structure), and finally guitar. I've studied acting for theater and film, from Shakespeare and Commedia/Clown, to avant-garde/devised/experimental. I've lived not only in New Hampshire, but Washington, D.C., Los Angeles, Wellington, New Zealand, and back-packed around Western Europe. In short, I'm a cis-gendered, hetero-normative female, raised with all the white privilege this world has to offer. I believe it is my responsibility to take that privilege and turn it around and give back what I can to our society. I've chosen to do this through art. I believe in the potential of art–in all its forms–to unite and expand our human consciousness.

Below are links to the Webseries I co-produced and acted in, "Bite Sized" (2015 Miami Web Fest Official Selection for Best Ensemble) as well as my photography for your sensory enjoyment.