Occasionally there comes a voice with roots so deep, everyone can hear it.  Praised for her "soulful sound," Ariana's voice is just that: a soulful powerhouse that will break you with it's wall of sound just as soon as it will pull you back with the lightest whisper. The daughter of musicians Paul and Peggo Hodes, Ariana received an instant exposure to independent music-making growing up roadie-ing, manning merch tables on the weekends, and being surrounded by music at all times. Ariana's first attempts at writing were a way to "blow off some steam," as the artist will put it, but with the support of good family friend Mike Borchetta, Ariana has pursued her dreams of singing to Nashville, TN. In Nashville, Ariana has played shows and recorded with some of the best of the best, and one can't help but wonder where the exploration of sound will lead to next. 


Recorded by Eric McConnell, Produced by Jonathan Pears.


Recorded at Loud Studios, produced by Darran Smith.